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Drinking and Driving: Possible Dangers 

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Even if there are already so many warnings when it comes to driving while intoxicated, there are still so many cases that are related to drunk driving. Drunk driving is extremely dangerous and here’s why. 


If the blood alcohol level in your body reaches 0.08, according to studies, you are more likely to face a fatal accident compared to a driver who is sober. Therefore, the more that you drink, the more fatal the accident can get.  

Did you know that alcohol can increase your risks of getting into a car crash?  

The problem with checking the blood alcohol content level of a person is that the limit which is 0.08 will put a glitch on the safety precautions that was supposed to keep a driver safe. The thing is, everyone does not tolerate alcohol the same, thus if you do not reach the limit which is 0.08, then you are technically sober and still able to drive.  

However, did you know that the impairment already manifests even if the blood alcohol content of the body is still below the limit which is 0.08? 

According to studies in science, your driving skills start to deteriorate the moment your blood alcohol level reaches 0.02. Studies have proven that when a driver’s blood alcohol content level reaches 0.02, a driver’s vision starts to function lesser than normal and the driver’s ability to track an object that is moving declines, moreover performing two tasks can be too much. So, if you can imagine, when we say that a driver will start having problem with performing two tasks as one, how will he be able to maneuver the steering wheel well?  

Want to drink just 2 more?  

If you consume 2 beers for the first time, the blood alcohol content level of your body reaches 0.04 and if you want to drink 2 more, it could soar to 0.08. So, if ever you think that 2 beers would not hurt you, think it through if you are driving home because your chances of having an accident escalates proportionally with your willingness to have a bit more beer.  

Be smart! 

Be smart when you drink specially on the holidays. If ever you made reservations for your holidays but you need to drive to the location, make sure that you have a designated driver to make sure you get home safely after. Moreover, if you and your family enjoy the water, it can be more difficult and dangerous to maneuver a boat when you had a drink so be sure that you someone to back you up in situations like this as well. If ever you are alone, try calling a cab to make your way home.  

Remember, driving under the influence will never guarantee your safety. If you are lucky, you won’t get into an accident, if you are not so lucky, you definitely will. If ever something goes wrong and you are safe but needs a lawyer’s help to get you through a DUI case, Fort Lauderdale DUI lawyers will help you see the situation through! 

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